22 Apr 2008

Pastoral Letter from Bishop Ashdown

Greetings in the name of the Risen Christ
It is my joy and privilege to announce that I have appointed the Right Reverend Gordon Beardy as Assistant Bishop of
Keewatin effective April 15, 2008. Bishop Beardy will share with me in the pastoral oversight of the Diocese of
Keewatin, specifically this means that he will
• Perform episcopal duties such as confirmation and ordination when approved by the diocesan bishop
• Provide pastoral counsel and direction to the clergy of the diocese in conjunction with the diocesan bishop
• Provide ongoing counsel and advice to the diocesan bishop
• Participate in the wider church through the national and provincial Houses of Bishops and other appropriate
avenues and representing the diocesan bishops when requested to do so by the diocesan bishop
• Undertake other responsibilities from time to time as may be mutually agreed.
I make this appointment, which is non-stipendiary, in accordance with the canons of the Ecclesiastical Province of
Rupert’s Land which state that a diocesan bishop may appoint an assistant bishop for a period of six months after
which time the consent of the diocese and the metropolitan are required. Therefore this appointment is for an initial
period of six months, ending October 15, 2008, at which time it may be extended pending the consent of both
diocese and metropolitan.
I know that this appointment will bring great joy to many throughout our diocese and beyond and I invite you to join
with me in extending to Bishop Beardy the warmest welcome and assurance of our prayers as he undertakes this
new phase of his ministry and the next step on our journey together.
Christ is risen
April 15, 2008

16 Apr 2008

New Church Sign at the Mall

We finally agreed on wording among the four congregations in town and our new sign is at the mall by the west entrance. Herm Saxler did a lovely job and now we fit in with all those fancy renovations in downtown Pinawa!

15 Apr 2008

Scott Woods Tickets and Info

“Upbeat” and “Uplifting”. These two words could well describe The Scott Woods Show coming to the Pinawa Community Centre at 7:00 pm on June 14. This fast-paced two-hour concert skilfully combines old time fiddling with country gospel songs, perennial favourites, and a generous helping of humour. You’ll be treated to one of Canada’s best talents - the man with the flying fingers and the magic bow - fiddling sensation, Scott Woods. Scott has performed to enthusiastic crowds throughout Canada, the U.S. and in Holland
This young man has captured all the major Canadian fiddling titles, including Canadian Open Fiddle Champion, Canadian Grand Masters Fiddling Champion, and Canadian Fiddle Entertainer of the year. For seven years he was the musical director and played the part of Don Messer in Memories of Don Messer’s Jubilee, a tribute show which has toured across the country. In addition, he has several recordings to his credit, which will be available at the concert.
There are lots of things to watch for when Scott Woods takes to the stage. His keen sense of timing and his sharp wit will keep you on your toes. And speaking of toes, just try to keep them still as he plays those old time tunes! Scott is backed up by his own four-piece show band. Together, they stir up a storm of good music to lift your heart and feed your soul.
Tickets($15) and information for The Scott Woods Show, sponsored by the Pinawa Christian Fellowship, are available from Betty McCamis at 753-2967 or the PCF office at 753-8439.

Talent Auction

Every second year, the PCF holds a “Talent Auction” as a fund raiser. We are planning to hold one again, this time on Wednesday 7th May, starting at 7.00 pm and ending by 9.00 pm. in the Gilbert School gym.

Come and bid on some of the talents/services/items offered. Examples have been:

* pails of fresh strawberries
* pontoon boat ride on the Winnipeg River
* transporting stuff to the dump
* hours and hours of garden labour
* rototill your garden
* trip to the Gimli Resort in a luxury car
* sailing and canoe trips
* horse care and riding
* catered dinner for four

and much, Much, MUCH MORE!!
The Guild have agreed to serve tea and desserts (silver tray donations)

We would like to get as many of these “talents” to auction as possible. Rather than phone every PCF member to see if they can donate a talent or an item for the auction could let me know if you:

1) would like to offer the same talent as last time
2) would like to change that offer,
3) offer something new or different this time, or
4) will not participate this year

Please reply to the church office

7 Apr 2008

Pastor Jack and Val - safe in Ngaoudere

We are finally safe and sound on the mission station in Ngaoundere. We departed Montreal at 8pm and arrive in Casablanca at 6:30am. Our flight to Douala did not depart until 5pm (1 hour late). It was a long stopover, but Royal Air Maroq has a transit area, where one can lay down and catch up on lost sleep. Casablanca’s Mohammed V airport is very nice place. Our arrival in Douala was not as nice, as our prearranged transport did not arrive and we were subject to harassment from many dubious characters: some even claiming to be custom officials. We finally crawled into bed at the Ibis Hotel at 3am and were up at 9am to catch a bus to Yaounde at 11am. We had ordered a taxi to take us to the LeCar Bus to Yaounde, when a more serious incident occurred. Two taxis vied for our business which resulted in a small riot among taxi drivers (others joined in). Our luggage was being used as weapons, which resulted in a handle being torn from one suitcase. The hotel manager finally intervened and the Hotel Bus conveyed us to safety and our bus ride to Yaounde. A wheel was yanked off of the other!!! In the future I will suggest avoiding Douala, if possible, and fly directly to Yaounde. When we had booked our flight initially there had been a possibility of flying to Ngaoundere, which is now not possible. (Airline financial problems). We arrived in Yaounde with just enough time to buy our tickets and be on our way at 6pm for a 17 hour train ride. Jim Noss met us at the train station, brought us to our home for the next two months, and then Karen Noss prepared lunch. The language problem here became an issue when I (Jack) inadvertently bought 10 kilos of pomme de terre. Valerie is not too happy as she says we have enough spuds for a year. Val decided with friends Mary Ann & Karen that we would have a 'potato party' - all different recipes ---- Jack says lots of potato pancakes!! We have said many prayers thankful for a safe arrival. We also brought the first good rain as the dry season was still here. The EELC Hospital internet system is in limbo and we must travel into town to forward messages. We are making arrangements for a cell phone. We are with Etienne in a small cyber cafe in a 'hole in the wall' place within the Petit Marché.
God’s blessings, Val and Jack.

PS. It is HOT - Etienne returned yesterday from Maroua up north, the temp was 45C. I, Val, am not complaining yet, but I see by our opening CBC that the 'peg' will be 13C tomorrow.
Shalom... with God Blessings --- Val & Jack Frederick

4 Apr 2008

A Time to Break Silence

Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence

Speech delivered by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., on April 4, 1967, at a meeting of Clergy and Laity Concerned at Riverside Church in New York City

A Forty year old sermon as fresh as this morning's news.
The more things change ....

2 Apr 2008

PCF Missions Help to a Kenyan Family

In 2006 the PCF gave support to African AIDS orphans through Amy Attas who traveled to Africa to work and play with the children at the Nakuru orphanage in Kenya. From this arose an e-mail friendship between Josphine Gathama, a worker at the orphanage, and Amy’s mother Jackie Sturton. Until last December Josephine’s parents, her grandmother and her five siblings lived on a farm in the Burnt Forest district in the Rift Valley. On New Year’s Eve, four days after the widely disputed Kenyan election and associated violence Josphine sent Jackie, whom she addresses as “Mum”, the following e-mail.
I want to inform you that I am now not strong enough. Our houses were burnt yesterday, 6PM. Today in the morning, the enemies stormed where my parents and other people were camping, killing many, burnt the houses and so they ran for their lives. My grandmother could however not move because she has not been walking for three months. She was left behind and so I have been told that she was burnt in the house. Vehicles are not going towards that direction. If there is anything you can do to assist me, please assist.”

Subsequently Josphine was able to borrow a Land Rover and go to the Burnt Forest area where she saw the devastation and managed to bring her mother and younger siblings back to Nakuru. Her father and brothers also came there a few days later. It will not be safe for her parents to return to their old farm. Because of this the PCF Missions Committee has decided to send Josephine money from the PCF Mission Fund in the next few weeks to aid her parents to resettle elsewhere. You can get additional information about Josphine and her family can by contacting Jackie directly.