10 Nov 2010

Another Shared Ministry

Brenda MacKenzie was telling me about the shared ministry in Cambourne, UK which is sponsored by the Anglicans, Baptists, Methodists & United Reformed Church and shares facilities with the RC parish. They just celebrated 10 years as a parish! Check out their website . Nice to know that there are other successful shared ministries in the world.

9 Nov 2010

47th Anniversary Feast

We celebrated 47 years of worship in the school gym where it all started so many years ago!
Lots of food, lots of friends!

5 Nov 2010

Don't forget the time change!

"Fall Back" one hour to standard time this Sunday, November 7

21 Oct 2010

A hastily arranged tea party at the church office

Leny Ohta heard that the United Church Moderator, Mardi Tindal, was coming to town for a conference at the Wilderness Edge. There's a lot of protocol to getting on the Moderator's schedule but Leny couldn't let this opportunity to tell the world about our unique shared ministry go by. Long story short, she phoned the Conference office and an invitation was made ... and accepted! A group of our United Church folk got a quick tea together and ... instant party!

Mardi is certainly a warm and engaging person and a great ambassador for the United Church of Canada. It was great to have a chance to share our story and to connect to the wider vision of the United Church. Follow Mardi's travels and join the discussion at the Spirit Express.

24 Sep 2010

After School Children’s Program

Proposed Schedule for Interdenominational After School Children’s Program: Volunteer Sign Up

The PCF and Lutheran congregations are piloting an after school children’s program to replace the traditional Sunday School. We are using Bible Adventures: Sharing the Good News (a vacation bible school curriculum from the United Church) as a resource and applying it to an after school schedule. The tentative schedule is Friday after school from October 29 till November 26:

3:30 -3:50: Welcome and Snack
3:50 -4:20: Introductory game, Shared bible story, game or song
4:20 – 4:50: Break into group of choice (craft or gym game)
4:50 -5:00: Whole group wrap up

We have interest from about 12 students at this time.

We will need volunteers for the following positions:
- Providing a nutritious snack (receipts will be reimbursed)
This will involve preparing the snack and serving it from 3:30 to 3:50.
- Telling the bible story and leading a game or song.
- Two craft supervisors
- Two gym supervisors
- Supervisor for Welcome time and to oversee the program

We are hoping that if we have a schedule for volunteers there will be flexibility allowing more people to sign up to help. You don’t have to commit to a long period of time. If you can help Please follow this link to the online sign-up sheet and enter your name in the time slot you prefer. If that sounds complicated just call Rob at 753-8439 and he can do it for you.

We will have a meeting for volunteers Oct. 15 at 3:45 in the multipurpose room at FW Gilbert School (the double classroom closest to the parking lot). Feel free to direct any questions to Lori Evenden, Rob Murray, or Sharon Howe.
Thank you!

22 Sep 2010

Dogs and ghosts for this Sunday

Annual Meeting of the Congregation

There will be a General Meeting of the congregation following worship this Sunday, September 26. All members and friends of the congregation are invited and encouraged to participate. Lunch will be catered - wraps by Linda Krampetz.

The agenda and annual reports of our groups and committees are linked below. Printed copies will be available on Sunday morning or by appointment at the church office (753-8439).

There are also some interim financial reports for your information. This isn't a budget meeting, but you can see where we stand financially at this point in the year.

8 Sep 2010

We're back to School!

Summer with the Pinawa Lutheran Church is always a blessing, but the PCF has a unique identity formed by our flexibility and our nomadic life of worship and service. On September 12th we're returning to our regular time and place of Sunday worship - 10 am in the F.W. Gilbert School. The school has been turned upside down this summer with extensive landscape work outside and the replacement of all the ceiling tiles and light fixtures inside. Yes... that includes those hideous orange sodium vapour lamps in the gymnasium! They might not be installed for our first day back but the lights are ordered and the work is under contract. Soon we will see everyone's true colours!

27 Aug 2010

Sign of the times!

Herm Saxler came by this afternoon and installed our sign outside the WB Lewis Business Centre.
Not having a church builidng means we need to pay attention to our public presence in different ways. Herm will also be updating the church sign at the Pinawa Mall and we still have a rather large sign from our old office at the Whiteshell Centre. Perhaps that should go out on the highway somewhere?

13 Jul 2010

New Meeting Room and Office

We've moved to the W.B. Lewis Business Centre on 24 Aberdeen Avenue in Pinawa!
The new meeting room is large enough for gatherings of 20 or more.

We have plenty of storage now!

And an inviting and light filled office space ...

Come and check out room S.14 at the Lewis Centre.

Mission and Service Letters from Mozambique

Mission and Service Letters from Mozambique Letter 240 21 May 2010

God delivers the needy when they call.... -Psalm 72.12

That’s good news, but in order to call, the needy require a voice. And preferably a listening human ear as well as God’s. Otherwise, they’re without any say or social power. God calls us to do what we can to strengthen the voice of the weakest and most marginalized, because those most needy are often least able to articulate their needs in a way and forum that can influence those with power to help them. One recent project of the Christian Council of Mozambique is called Listening to Poverty. In four provinces including Zambezia CCM calls public meetings, invites the articulate poor to testify, invites government officials to listen and respond, videotapes the proceedings, and delivers the edited tape direct to the President and Prime Minister of Mozambique, to let them hear their neediest citizens call out, testifying for themselves.

A hearing took place recently in Quelimane. First, a team of 5 CCM youth spent a day interviewing 30 people in the poorer bairros of Quelimane, gathering their views and experience of daily life in their neighbourhood. You see a photo of one of the interviewers, Sonia, with one of her subjects in the yard of his family’s house ( www.stpaulsunitedchurch.com ). On the second day; three of the most eager and articulate came to speak at the public meeting, on the plaza of a public school in another of Quelimane’s many poor bairros. You see one speaker, amid the project’s video cameraman, the camera of MTV Mozambique’s national television network, and the microphone of national Radio Mozambique. About 150 people turned up, teachers, journalists, civil servants, religious and community leaders, and many urban poor themselves to support their speaker neighbours. A neighbourhood dance troupe with drummers danced two original numbers about lives of poverty in Quelimane. The provincial governor showed up to listen and then to speak in response. So did the official representative of Quelimane’s mayor.

The speakers talked of the lack of street-lights and police, that lets gangs of unemployed youth armed with machetes roam the city’s night’s shadows robbing citizens at will.

They spoke of the lack of drainage, the standing water that blocks roads and breeds malarial mosquitoes.

They spoke of the lack of employment–one speaker told how he rides his bicycle as a taxi like hundreds of other men in Quelimane, earning 5 meticais (15 cents) per ride in the city, for 10 minutes or more pedalling hard with a passenger, then waiting who knows how long till the next fare, earning not enough in a day to feed a family and keep a bicycle maintained after the beating it takes on Quelimane’s bad roads. Another sells charcoal, buying a 50-kilo sack and selling it in small piles on the street for as little as 1 metical (3 cents), to people too poor to buy any more at once, just enough to cook their day’s one meal. Her way to try to feed her family.

And so the governor and everyone present heard compelling personal stories that lie behind poverty statistics, from the people who best can tell them, because they live them. Graca Machel, widow of Mozambique’s founding president, wife of Nelson Mandela, Mozambique’s most influential lady, already has an appointment to present the final product to the President and Prime Minister, from the needy who are calling. May God deliver them.

In mission and service, Karen and Bill Butt

14 May 2010

Provoking Discussion

Following up on our very popular book study PCF Adult Ed is holding a provoking discussion every Wednesday throughout the month of May. We meet at 10 am in the Whiteshell Centre. On May 19th we will look at a challenging new translation of the psalms by Pamela Greenberg and talk about the translation process. The Introduction, Acknowledgments, Greenberg's story and translator methodology notes, and her translation of the first four Psalms are available for download here or you can get a printed copy at worship this Sunday, May 16. There's a lot to chew on and you should read this advance. If you don't have time to read it all, just look at the four newly translated psalms alongside a translation you are familiar with.

27 Apr 2010

Anglican church calls for corporate sponsors

Michael Valpy

From Tuesday's Globe and Mail Published on Tuesday, Apr. 20

"The Anglican Church of Canada is inviting corporate sponsorship of its national convention this year, selling space for brand logos on delegate documents, advertising signs in its meeting spaces and a private lunch for executives with the church’s senior archbishop."

18 Feb 2010

MCC Lenten Study

Lent provides an opportunity for us to reflect upon our lives, to pray more deeply, experience sorrow for what we've done and failed to do, and to be generous to those in need. MCC Manitoba has prepared a Lenten guide for reflection, action and prayer that focuses on Mining Justice; it is part of a larger MCC campaign on mining and its impact on people, communities and God's creation. You are invited to use these Lenten materials for reflection and prayer and to learn about Mining Justice. Visit http://manitoba.mcc.org/programs/peace/ or http://ottawa.mcc.org/miningjustice .

7 Jan 2010

so that is that

Well, so that is that. Now we must dismantle the tree,
Putting the decorations back into their cardboard boxes –Some have got broken – and carrying them up to the attic. The holly and the mistletoe must be taken down and burnt, And the children got ready for school. There are enough
Left-overs to do, warmed-up, for the rest of the week – Not that we have much appetite, having drunk such a lot, Stayed up so late, attempted – quite unsuccessfully – To love all of our relatives, and in general Grossly overestimated our powers.

(from the concluding section of W. H. Auden’s, For the Time Being: a Christmas Oratorio).

Thanks Jamie