27 Oct 2009

Fall Back

Don't forget to set your clock back this Sunday!

Church Calendars

We haven't ordered the Canadian Church Calendar this year. After 40 years of producing a joint calendar the Anglicans and United Church have decided to produce separate calendars. It's a disappointing development and we didn't want to choose one or the other. If you would like to order a church calendar from one or the other denomination the links are below.

United Church Calendar order form

Anglican Church Calendar order form

or you could order a calendar from Mennonite Central Committee
it's free!

The Book of Job

Over two weeks I have been preaching the Book of Job. I'm generally wary about publishing a sermon. I always have a text but I view it as a script, an aid to performance. The written form is not really meant for any eyes but mine. I've had some requests, though, from folks who missed one or the other of these sermons so I'll post them here with this preamble.

Job Part One

Job Part Two