16 Sep 2008

Pinawa Hospital Pastoral Care Team

These are the folks from the churches in Pinawa and Lac du Bonnet and Seven Sisters who visit at the Pinawa Hospital (Along with Leah Bueckert our new Spiritual Care Coordinator for all of NEHA). Our next gathering on October 30th from 1 till 4 pm in the Pinawa Lutheran Church will be a training session, a perfect opportunity to find out what we're about. You're invited!

9 Sep 2008

Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup

The TD Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup started 15 years ago as a small beach cleanup by four Vancouver Aquarium employees and has now grown into the second largest cleanup in the world (The U.S. is in first place - for now!) Powered by Canadians, this program allows people from all regions and all walks of life to make a positive difference to their environment. Last year alone, over 52,000 Canadians registered to clean up 1,240 shorelines removing 87,489 kg of harmful shoreline litter. The Pinawa Christian Fellowship would like to invite Pinawanians to join us at 1 pm on Sunday September 28th at the Pinawa Sailing and Rowing Club to walk, cycle, row, paddle or sail the Pinawa shoreline and collect garbage. The main goal is to clean up, but the program also collects statistics about the state of our shorelines. Please take a moment to register at the Shoreline Cleanup website and help out by bring litter back to the starting point to be catalogued and properly disposed of.

6 Sep 2008

Back to (the) School

Summer worship with the Lutherans is over.
This Sunday, September 7th, we meet at 10 am in the FW Gilbert School.
Children's programs begin next week.
Annual General Meeting the week after. Welcome home!

The season after the Labour Day weekend is always a little ...sad. Yes, we'll have some good weather before the snow flies but it really does mark the end of summer. With the late spring this year it feels like we barely got started. Don't give up yet. We're working on a shoreline walk and picnic and clean-up for September 28. Look for details at the TD Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup