21 Sep 2012

2013 Canadian Church Calendars...

are now available! The theme this year is "Let us go the House of the Lord" - pictures of United Church interiors from across Canada. Calendars are $5

This Sunday (September 23)

We will be meeting as denominational groups. Anglicans, Mennonites, Presbyterians and United Church folk will all go to their corners and elect reps for the coming year, hear about the work of the wider church, and discuss matters of denominational concern. Those of you who identify with denominations other than the four that recognize us (or who don't have any denominational identification) are invited to meet with Rob to discuss how we relate to other churches, whether we should be seeking wider recognition, or whether we are getting past denominational identity?

4 Sep 2012

Back to (the) school

We're back to the F.W. Gilbert School for Sunday worship after Labour Day. September 9 is a picnic service. We meet for worship at 10 am and then continue with a picnic.. hot dogs and drinks provided, pot luck salads and desserts to share. As always, lug a mug and bring a fork and plate if you can to lighten the load of garbage we produce.