28 Sep 2009

Imagining our reality

Over on United Methodeviations Dan Dick is imagining what the PCF has been living for Forty Seven years. He asks us to imagine what would happen...

"if when we woke up tomorrow morning, all our buildings and property were gone? How many of our congregations would carry on with hardly a disruption? How many “members” would we lose to churches with buildings? How long would it take us to get reorganized? Would one of our top priorities be to build new buildings or would we step back and, uhm, “rethink” church? What would our worship look like? Where would we gather? What form would our fellowship take? What about Christian education? What would we do?"

No need to imagine. Perhaps we should write up our experience as a controlled experiment and publish?

8 Sep 2009


What a great week! I'll upload some pictures and give you a peek soon. This was the fourth year in a row we have cooperated with Pinawa Lutheran Congregation to offer Vacation Bible School. This year's them was "Discovery Canyon". With the help of various critters we explored the themes, Rejoice, Pray, Ask, Tell, and Seek. An average of thirty children attended for five mornings! (Pretty good for a town with about 95 children in the elementary school!) The enthusiasm was overwhelming and the support from adults, and youths, from both congregations was wonderful. Thanks, in particular to Rhea Galeschuk and Leslie Strandlund who got us organized. Barb Zetaruk remarked that on the second day she heard two little girls in the neighbourhood bouncing on their backyard trampoline with friends (who hadn't been at VBS) singing the songs at the top of their voices!