18 Aug 2011

Hey... that's my mom and dad!

The folks in the yellow circle are Rob Murray's parents, Bruce and Yvonne.

Bicycles for Africa

The people who make up the St. Bartholomew’s United Church community recently revived their efforts to provide bicycles for people in Namibia. The bicycles sent, and this year’s efforts will provide the fifth container shipped out by the group, are used to help local health care workers reach people in need in rural areas. As we here in Canada are extremely fortunate to have the funds and infrastructure to ensure that our EMS workers can perform their duties with maximum efficiency. Says Terry Owen, chair of the project, “Bicycles can make a huge difference in the lives of the poorest people on the world's poorest continent. In rural Africa, bicycles provide access to food and water, employment and healthcare. A used bicycle can save hundreds of lives.” The collection day on June 25th yielded quite the haul, and those who benefit from the generosity of this community will surely be thankful for the efforts of the St. Bartholomew’s United Church community.

Pinawa Friendship Block Quilters

Members of the Pinawa Friendship Block Quilters have been using the PCF meeting room on Tuesday evenings to work on 'Charity Quilts'. They have given some quilts to Pinawa Cancer Treatment, Women's Clinic HSC, and the Women's Shelters in the area. Here are some examples of their work...

10 Aug 2011

An Online Donation Option

We can now process online donations to the Pinawa Christian Fellowship through the service CanadaHelps. Online donations are issued a tax receipt immediately, funds are transferred to our account at the credit union, and we are notified at the church office so we can send a personal note of thanks. Thanks CanadaHelps!

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