28 Jan 2009

Ways to Pray

Rob will be leading a series of afternoon and evening study sessions in February at our meeting room in the Whiteshell Centre; the theme will be "ways to pray". If you have ever wondered where to begin with prayer, or if you have a curiosity about the many ways to pray, come out on a Tuesday afternoon or evening at 1 pm or at 7 pm. Each session is independent, come to them all or pick and choose one or two.

February 3rd: Biblical Prayer: the Psalms, the Lord's Prayer
February 10th: Praying the Hours and Keeping Seasons: Prayer books and Lenten promises
February 17th: Pilgrimage and Retreat: Desert Fathers, Camping and Labyrinths
February 24th: Meditation: Lectio Divina, Ignatian Spirituality, Christian Meditation and the Rosary

Communication Request from Conference

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8 Jan 2009

So that's what was keeping people away!

Church removes 'scary crucifix'

The sculpture of Christ on the crucifix

A large sculpture of Christ on the cross has been removed from outside a church in West Sussex after its vicar said it was "scaring young children".

The Reverend Ewen Souter said the 10ft crucifix was "a horrifying depiction of pain and suffering" which was also "putting people off".

The sculpture, located at the side of St John's Church in Broadbridge Heath, has now been given to Horsham Museum.

It will be replaced with a new stainless steel cross.

In a survey carried out by the church, every comment about the sculpture was negative.

'Sense of hope'

Mr Souter said: "Children have commented on how scary they find it and how off-putting they find it as a symbol outside the church.

"As a key exterior symbol for us it was putting people off rather than having a sense of hope and life and the power of the resurrection."

He said rather than undermining the work of the cross, the church wanted to portray "an accurate biblical picture of the crucifixion as a moment of hopefulness for the world, and not one of despair".

The sculpture was designed in the 1960s by former Royal Society of British Sculptors president, Edward Bainbridge Copnall, and made out of coal dust and resin.

It was removed from the church just before Christmas and will be mounted on a large wall in the grounds of Horsham Museum.

Jeremy Knight, curator, said the powerful image portrayed by the figure was that of Christ in pain.

"That today isn't an image which a lot of churches want to follow. They'd much rather see an empty cross where Christ has risen," he said.