23 Jun 2008

Daffodils and Trim

A beautiful display from a bed of daffodils appeared on the church lot this spring thanks to the generosity and efforts of Helen Olchowy and Grant Delaney who planted it last fall. This and the work of Mac Pellow with his riding mower are keeping our church lot in excellent shape.

18 Jun 2008

Fiddle Frenzy in Pinawa

Canadian Fiddle Champion Scott Woods brought his “Road Trip” show to Pinawa on June 14 to the delight of an audience of over 300 people. From the opening “Boil’em Cabbage Down” to the “Orange Blossom Special” encore, Scott and his band gave an evening of entertaining, toe-tapping old time music ranging from up-tempo jigs and reels to slow and haunting laments.

Scott’s show was arranged by the PCF as a fund raiser and an event for the enjoyment of people in the East Man region. The organizing committee consisted of chair Gary Simmons and members Betty McCamis, Bernice Hawton, Judy Platford, Allan Campbell and Dennis Cann. However, the success of the concert depended upon the efforts of many others from the PCF including Rob Murray, Helen Olchowy, Phyllis Briercliff, Heather Westdal, June Fenton, Joan Ticknor, Irene Sedge, Arlene Boivin, Sheila Martino, Marion Delaney, Marg Stokes, Rob Smith, Scotty Wooster, Doug Platford, Allan Campbell, Nat Fenton, Grant Delaney and the PCF Guild members with intermission refreshments. A number of outside organizations also helped with the concert with special thanks to Barrie Burnett and Lynn Montsion of EMCA for the help with the staging. Through the efforts of these people and the support of the congregation as a whole over $1400 was raised for the PCF.

6 Jun 2008

Ecumenical Shared Ministries

The Anglican, Evangelical Lutheran, Presbyterian and United Churches in Canada have formed (as of November, 2006) a national ecumenical shared ministries task force, which will collect and disseminate resources about ecumenical shared ministries. They have published a new Ecumenical Ministries Handbook, a guide and encouragement not a book of rules. It's nice to see a renewed interest in shared ministries. You can download the full document in pdf format.