24 Sep 2011

Time and Talent Auction

The people of the Pinawa Christian Fellowship
are having an auction,
not an auction of old stuff,
an auction of our time, talents, and energy!

come bid on...
- a houseboat ride and dinner for 2
- professional re-stringing of your broken necklace
- base waxing your XC skis
- 2 hours of yard work
- half ton loads to the dump
- 4 home made pizzas delivered to your door
- Christmas baking
- and much more...

Live auction takes place 2 pm Sunday October 2nd
in the lounge at The Ironwood.

On-line bidding closes Saturday, October 1st, at 12 pm.

Proceeds will be used to support Manitoba Flood victims
and the Mission and Ministry of the PCF.

7 Sep 2011

PCF Foster Child

The PCF sponsors a child through the Christian Childrens Fund. The foster child is Haresha Madushani Wanniarachchi. Haresha lives with her family in Sri Lanka and is in Grade 2. In the past the cost of this sponsorship had been covered by Church School collections and in more recent times mainly by individual donations of money, special appeals or by fund raising such as done by Mats Strandlund at the Pinawa Birthday Party. With the reduction in numbers in the Church School the Mission Committee has taken responsibility for this sponsorship and has decided to continue it until Haresha graduates or leaves the program. If you would like to contribute directly towards the cost of the sponsorship, currently $456/year, you may do so by writing it on your church envelope. The Mission Committee will keep the congregation informed about Hareshas progress.