18 Dec 2008

Christmas Service Times

Just a note to update our Christmas Service Times...

December 21 - Fourth Sunday of Advent
10 am Worship
in the F.W. Gilbert School
December 24 - Christmas Eve
7 pm Family Worship
11 pm Holy Communion
in the F.W. Gilbert School
December 28 - First Sunday after Christmas
9:15am. Shared Worship and pot-luck brunch
in the Pinawa Lutheran Church

5 Nov 2008

The United Church of Canada launches its own YouTube Channel

Last week the church launched its own YouTube channel, featuring a playlist of more than 20 videos with more to be added in the weeks ahead. The list includes videos of some of the United Church’s hundreds of community projects, both in Canada and overseas, as well as video messages from Moderator David Giuliano. The United Church of Canada’s YouTube channel can be found at http://www.youtube.ca/unitedchurchofcanada

1 Oct 2008

Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup

Despite the cool and rainy weather 20 people came out for the first annual TD Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup on Sunday the 28th. Folks spread out from the Pinawa Sailing and Rowing club and covered the shore from the diversion dam to the campground. The Cann's and Westdal's canoed to the little islands just offshore and Captain Keith Reid in A2 led an expedition to Porcupine Island where a treasure trove of assorted junk was found. The good news is that our shoreline is quite clean. We only managed to fill 3 large trash bags and two recycling bags - not counting the 9 tires that wouldn't fit in the bags. We need to thank the people who don't wait for a special day to pick up litter as they walk their dog or exercise along the trails. The bad news is that we did find a bewildering variety of trash, a lot of it related to "recreation". We can do better than this Pinawa. The "Antiques Roadshow" award goes to John Trueman who scored a very cool old patent medicine bottle in pristine condition. Statistics from the event were sent to the Vancouver Aquarium who collate our data and add it it to International Coastal Cleanup information. TD Bank supplied t-shirts, gloves and bags and the Pinawa Christian Fellowship was very pleased to host the event and to provide a campfire with hot chocolate and marshmallows for the workers.
So, what did we find?
2 paper Bags
36 plastic bags
7 Cups, plates, forks, knives, spoons
25 Food wrappers/containers
2 Beverage bottles (plastic)
15 Beverage bottles (glass)
55 Beverage cans
1 Shotgun shell
10 Caps, lids
13 Straws, stirrers
5 Clothing, shoes (a pink flip-flop!)
3 Toys (Golf balls!)
2 Bait containers/packaging
1 Oil/lube bottle
1 Plastic tarps
5 Fishing line
2 Rope
7 Fishing lures/light sticks
1 Strapping band
118 Cigarette/cigarette filters
2 Cigar tips
3 Tobacco packaging/wrappers
3 Cars/car parts
1 55-gal. drum
9 Building materials (pieces of lumber / docks)
9 Tires
1 tampon applicator
17 chunks of Styrofoam insulation / dock flotation
1 lid from a town garbage container (in the river)

16 Sep 2008

Pinawa Hospital Pastoral Care Team

These are the folks from the churches in Pinawa and Lac du Bonnet and Seven Sisters who visit at the Pinawa Hospital (Along with Leah Bueckert our new Spiritual Care Coordinator for all of NEHA). Our next gathering on October 30th from 1 till 4 pm in the Pinawa Lutheran Church will be a training session, a perfect opportunity to find out what we're about. You're invited!

9 Sep 2008

Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup

The TD Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup started 15 years ago as a small beach cleanup by four Vancouver Aquarium employees and has now grown into the second largest cleanup in the world (The U.S. is in first place - for now!) Powered by Canadians, this program allows people from all regions and all walks of life to make a positive difference to their environment. Last year alone, over 52,000 Canadians registered to clean up 1,240 shorelines removing 87,489 kg of harmful shoreline litter. The Pinawa Christian Fellowship would like to invite Pinawanians to join us at 1 pm on Sunday September 28th at the Pinawa Sailing and Rowing Club to walk, cycle, row, paddle or sail the Pinawa shoreline and collect garbage. The main goal is to clean up, but the program also collects statistics about the state of our shorelines. Please take a moment to register at the Shoreline Cleanup website and help out by bring litter back to the starting point to be catalogued and properly disposed of.

6 Sep 2008

Back to (the) School

Summer worship with the Lutherans is over.
This Sunday, September 7th, we meet at 10 am in the FW Gilbert School.
Children's programs begin next week.
Annual General Meeting the week after. Welcome home!

The season after the Labour Day weekend is always a little ...sad. Yes, we'll have some good weather before the snow flies but it really does mark the end of summer. With the late spring this year it feels like we barely got started. Don't give up yet. We're working on a shoreline walk and picnic and clean-up for September 28. Look for details at the TD Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup

21 Aug 2008


A year or so ago I picked up a book at a used book store, The Book of Legends Sefer Ha-Aggadah: Legends from the Mishnah and Talmud It's an early 20th C compilation and translation of a huge variety of commentary on the Hebrew Scriptures. Commentary is probably a little too weak, they are creative responses and sometimes expansions of the Scriptures, collecting the wisdom of ages of storytelling. Now there's an on-line group starting a two-year journey through the stories. I can't promise I will check in every day, but I will look from time to time and I've joined the Facebook group to keep up to date. Check them out Sefer Ha-Bloggadah.

6 Aug 2008

Joye's Sermon

Here's a link to Joye Platford's Sermon for the Pinawa Birthday Weekend Community Service. It was a special treat and pleasure to have Joye preach as we celebrated the many good people who have emerged from Pinawa to engage the wide world. Also, many many thanks to the folks who pitched in to transform a rather dishevelled beer tent into a place of worship in about thirty minutes that Sunday morning! We should have had a "before and after" photo.

25 Jul 2008

Anyone interested in going?

This conference looks interesting, very provocative list of speakers. Perhaps we could make a car-pool. Check out the website for more info.

October 3 - 5, 2008
To discuss and explore how growing, processing, and eating food are practical expressions of Christian discipleship and therefore can bring glory to God by supporting the care of creation and the care of people.

Food. Does anything engage our humanity more deeply or thoroughly? Necessary for physical sustenance, food is also vital for livelihoods, hospitality, and culture. However, food is often the source of conflict. For some, contemporary Western food systems are triumphs of technology that offer freedoms and opportunities previously unknown. For others, these same practices are symptoms of pervasive ecological, economic, social, and relational brokenness.

As followers of Jesus called to love God, love people, and care for creation, what should we do? Enmeshed as we are in global structures, cultural practices, and economic limitations, how can we promote health within human and ecological communities at home and abroad with every bite we take? What do Christians have to offer when the Creator’s generous abundance results in divisive scarcity rather than sustainable prosperity?

This conference will explore how growing, processing, and eating food are practical expressions of Christian discipleship that can bring glory to God by supporting the care of creation and the care of people. We seek understanding and transformation and to this end we will listen and learn from faithful believers directly involved in various dimensions of food.
Featured Speakers

* Will Braun, Editor, Geez Magazine
* Cathy Campbell, Rector, St Matthews Anglican Church
* Stuart Clark, Senior Policy Advisor, Canadian Foodgrains Bank
* Don Kroeker, Vice Chair and Director of Investments and Strategic Planning, Kroeker Farms
* Len Penner, President, Cargill Limited
* Mary Beth Sanate, Rural Women's Upliftment Society, Manipur, North East India
* Stacey Toews, Community Engagement and Human Resources, Level Ground Trading
* Nettie Wiebe, Past President, National Farmer's Union
* Loren and Mary Ruth Wilkinson, professors, Regent College

7 Jul 2008


In this shared ministry business I'm never quite sure what to wear when the Anglicans invite me to a special event...

23 Jun 2008

Daffodils and Trim

A beautiful display from a bed of daffodils appeared on the church lot this spring thanks to the generosity and efforts of Helen Olchowy and Grant Delaney who planted it last fall. This and the work of Mac Pellow with his riding mower are keeping our church lot in excellent shape.

18 Jun 2008

Fiddle Frenzy in Pinawa

Canadian Fiddle Champion Scott Woods brought his “Road Trip” show to Pinawa on June 14 to the delight of an audience of over 300 people. From the opening “Boil’em Cabbage Down” to the “Orange Blossom Special” encore, Scott and his band gave an evening of entertaining, toe-tapping old time music ranging from up-tempo jigs and reels to slow and haunting laments.

Scott’s show was arranged by the PCF as a fund raiser and an event for the enjoyment of people in the East Man region. The organizing committee consisted of chair Gary Simmons and members Betty McCamis, Bernice Hawton, Judy Platford, Allan Campbell and Dennis Cann. However, the success of the concert depended upon the efforts of many others from the PCF including Rob Murray, Helen Olchowy, Phyllis Briercliff, Heather Westdal, June Fenton, Joan Ticknor, Irene Sedge, Arlene Boivin, Sheila Martino, Marion Delaney, Marg Stokes, Rob Smith, Scotty Wooster, Doug Platford, Allan Campbell, Nat Fenton, Grant Delaney and the PCF Guild members with intermission refreshments. A number of outside organizations also helped with the concert with special thanks to Barrie Burnett and Lynn Montsion of EMCA for the help with the staging. Through the efforts of these people and the support of the congregation as a whole over $1400 was raised for the PCF.

6 Jun 2008

Ecumenical Shared Ministries

The Anglican, Evangelical Lutheran, Presbyterian and United Churches in Canada have formed (as of November, 2006) a national ecumenical shared ministries task force, which will collect and disseminate resources about ecumenical shared ministries. They have published a new Ecumenical Ministries Handbook, a guide and encouragement not a book of rules. It's nice to see a renewed interest in shared ministries. You can download the full document in pdf format.

8 May 2008

May 7th Talent Auction

The talent auction raised $1850.00, including a few dollars
in donations. There was a lot of hilarity and some neat skills and abilities and tasty talents shared. Thanks to Mel for organizing the event.

MCC Bike the Interlake

The food crisis is growing at alarming rates in many parts of Africa and other countries. Please consider joining this annual MCC event and help get food to the hungry and water to desperate communities in India. Ride with us on June 7-8 for this 13th annual event. You can register on line at mcc.org/manitoba/bike. Thank-you! For more information call Vic Bartel @ 779-8219.

22 Apr 2008

Pastoral Letter from Bishop Ashdown

Greetings in the name of the Risen Christ
It is my joy and privilege to announce that I have appointed the Right Reverend Gordon Beardy as Assistant Bishop of
Keewatin effective April 15, 2008. Bishop Beardy will share with me in the pastoral oversight of the Diocese of
Keewatin, specifically this means that he will
• Perform episcopal duties such as confirmation and ordination when approved by the diocesan bishop
• Provide pastoral counsel and direction to the clergy of the diocese in conjunction with the diocesan bishop
• Provide ongoing counsel and advice to the diocesan bishop
• Participate in the wider church through the national and provincial Houses of Bishops and other appropriate
avenues and representing the diocesan bishops when requested to do so by the diocesan bishop
• Undertake other responsibilities from time to time as may be mutually agreed.
I make this appointment, which is non-stipendiary, in accordance with the canons of the Ecclesiastical Province of
Rupert’s Land which state that a diocesan bishop may appoint an assistant bishop for a period of six months after
which time the consent of the diocese and the metropolitan are required. Therefore this appointment is for an initial
period of six months, ending October 15, 2008, at which time it may be extended pending the consent of both
diocese and metropolitan.
I know that this appointment will bring great joy to many throughout our diocese and beyond and I invite you to join
with me in extending to Bishop Beardy the warmest welcome and assurance of our prayers as he undertakes this
new phase of his ministry and the next step on our journey together.
Christ is risen
April 15, 2008

16 Apr 2008

New Church Sign at the Mall

We finally agreed on wording among the four congregations in town and our new sign is at the mall by the west entrance. Herm Saxler did a lovely job and now we fit in with all those fancy renovations in downtown Pinawa!

15 Apr 2008

Scott Woods Tickets and Info

“Upbeat” and “Uplifting”. These two words could well describe The Scott Woods Show coming to the Pinawa Community Centre at 7:00 pm on June 14. This fast-paced two-hour concert skilfully combines old time fiddling with country gospel songs, perennial favourites, and a generous helping of humour. You’ll be treated to one of Canada’s best talents - the man with the flying fingers and the magic bow - fiddling sensation, Scott Woods. Scott has performed to enthusiastic crowds throughout Canada, the U.S. and in Holland
This young man has captured all the major Canadian fiddling titles, including Canadian Open Fiddle Champion, Canadian Grand Masters Fiddling Champion, and Canadian Fiddle Entertainer of the year. For seven years he was the musical director and played the part of Don Messer in Memories of Don Messer’s Jubilee, a tribute show which has toured across the country. In addition, he has several recordings to his credit, which will be available at the concert.
There are lots of things to watch for when Scott Woods takes to the stage. His keen sense of timing and his sharp wit will keep you on your toes. And speaking of toes, just try to keep them still as he plays those old time tunes! Scott is backed up by his own four-piece show band. Together, they stir up a storm of good music to lift your heart and feed your soul.
Tickets($15) and information for The Scott Woods Show, sponsored by the Pinawa Christian Fellowship, are available from Betty McCamis at 753-2967 or the PCF office at 753-8439.

Talent Auction

Every second year, the PCF holds a “Talent Auction” as a fund raiser. We are planning to hold one again, this time on Wednesday 7th May, starting at 7.00 pm and ending by 9.00 pm. in the Gilbert School gym.

Come and bid on some of the talents/services/items offered. Examples have been:

* pails of fresh strawberries
* pontoon boat ride on the Winnipeg River
* transporting stuff to the dump
* hours and hours of garden labour
* rototill your garden
* trip to the Gimli Resort in a luxury car
* sailing and canoe trips
* horse care and riding
* catered dinner for four

and much, Much, MUCH MORE!!
The Guild have agreed to serve tea and desserts (silver tray donations)

We would like to get as many of these “talents” to auction as possible. Rather than phone every PCF member to see if they can donate a talent or an item for the auction could let me know if you:

1) would like to offer the same talent as last time
2) would like to change that offer,
3) offer something new or different this time, or
4) will not participate this year

Please reply to the church office

7 Apr 2008

Pastor Jack and Val - safe in Ngaoudere

We are finally safe and sound on the mission station in Ngaoundere. We departed Montreal at 8pm and arrive in Casablanca at 6:30am. Our flight to Douala did not depart until 5pm (1 hour late). It was a long stopover, but Royal Air Maroq has a transit area, where one can lay down and catch up on lost sleep. Casablanca’s Mohammed V airport is very nice place. Our arrival in Douala was not as nice, as our prearranged transport did not arrive and we were subject to harassment from many dubious characters: some even claiming to be custom officials. We finally crawled into bed at the Ibis Hotel at 3am and were up at 9am to catch a bus to Yaounde at 11am. We had ordered a taxi to take us to the LeCar Bus to Yaounde, when a more serious incident occurred. Two taxis vied for our business which resulted in a small riot among taxi drivers (others joined in). Our luggage was being used as weapons, which resulted in a handle being torn from one suitcase. The hotel manager finally intervened and the Hotel Bus conveyed us to safety and our bus ride to Yaounde. A wheel was yanked off of the other!!! In the future I will suggest avoiding Douala, if possible, and fly directly to Yaounde. When we had booked our flight initially there had been a possibility of flying to Ngaoundere, which is now not possible. (Airline financial problems). We arrived in Yaounde with just enough time to buy our tickets and be on our way at 6pm for a 17 hour train ride. Jim Noss met us at the train station, brought us to our home for the next two months, and then Karen Noss prepared lunch. The language problem here became an issue when I (Jack) inadvertently bought 10 kilos of pomme de terre. Valerie is not too happy as she says we have enough spuds for a year. Val decided with friends Mary Ann & Karen that we would have a 'potato party' - all different recipes ---- Jack says lots of potato pancakes!! We have said many prayers thankful for a safe arrival. We also brought the first good rain as the dry season was still here. The EELC Hospital internet system is in limbo and we must travel into town to forward messages. We are making arrangements for a cell phone. We are with Etienne in a small cyber cafe in a 'hole in the wall' place within the Petit Marché.
God’s blessings, Val and Jack.

PS. It is HOT - Etienne returned yesterday from Maroua up north, the temp was 45C. I, Val, am not complaining yet, but I see by our opening CBC that the 'peg' will be 13C tomorrow.
Shalom... with God Blessings --- Val & Jack Frederick

4 Apr 2008

A Time to Break Silence

Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence

Speech delivered by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., on April 4, 1967, at a meeting of Clergy and Laity Concerned at Riverside Church in New York City

A Forty year old sermon as fresh as this morning's news.
The more things change ....

2 Apr 2008

PCF Missions Help to a Kenyan Family

In 2006 the PCF gave support to African AIDS orphans through Amy Attas who traveled to Africa to work and play with the children at the Nakuru orphanage in Kenya. From this arose an e-mail friendship between Josphine Gathama, a worker at the orphanage, and Amy’s mother Jackie Sturton. Until last December Josephine’s parents, her grandmother and her five siblings lived on a farm in the Burnt Forest district in the Rift Valley. On New Year’s Eve, four days after the widely disputed Kenyan election and associated violence Josphine sent Jackie, whom she addresses as “Mum”, the following e-mail.
I want to inform you that I am now not strong enough. Our houses were burnt yesterday, 6PM. Today in the morning, the enemies stormed where my parents and other people were camping, killing many, burnt the houses and so they ran for their lives. My grandmother could however not move because she has not been walking for three months. She was left behind and so I have been told that she was burnt in the house. Vehicles are not going towards that direction. If there is anything you can do to assist me, please assist.”

Subsequently Josphine was able to borrow a Land Rover and go to the Burnt Forest area where she saw the devastation and managed to bring her mother and younger siblings back to Nakuru. Her father and brothers also came there a few days later. It will not be safe for her parents to return to their old farm. Because of this the PCF Missions Committee has decided to send Josephine money from the PCF Mission Fund in the next few weeks to aid her parents to resettle elsewhere. You can get additional information about Josphine and her family can by contacting Jackie directly.

27 Mar 2008

Sharing Resources

The Pinawa Christian Fellowship and the Pinawa Lutheran Church have a history of co-operation and sharing that has served both congregations well. For a number of years we have shared worship during the summer, as well as Good Friday, Lessons and Carols, and the Sunday after Christmas. Recently our Sunday schools have been meeting jointly. The younger children meet in Gilbert School and the older children in the Lutheran Church.

The Lutheran Church has identified two representatives to meet with representatives from the PCF to identify other material and human resources that we could share that would in no way threaten the identity of either congregation.

Before any meeting between the representatives of the two churches, General Committee wants to give the congregation ample opportunity to offer their input.

Second hour sessions will be held following the church service on two Sundays: April 6 and April 20. It is our hope that folks will be able to attend one of these sessions to share their thoughts and offer suggestions.

Any proposals that may arise from the meeting between the representatives of the two church councils will be brought to a formal congregational meeting for approval.

If you are unable to attend either of the second hour sessions and you want to share input, please contact Betty McCamis, Vice Convenor, at 753-2967 (mccamisr@granite.mb.ca) or Rob Murray at 753-8439 (pcf@granite.mb.ca).

25 Mar 2008

Easter at the Bridge

Thanks Jackie and Mike for shovelling a space to gather at the suspension bridge on Easter Sunday morning. Bannock and Pickerel were frying as folks gathered to hear the Good News.

When they got out of the boat, they saw a fire laid, with fish and bread cooking on it. Jesus said, "Bring some of the fish you've just caught." Simon Peter joined them and pulled the net to shore—153 big fish! And even with all those fish, the net didn't rip. Jesus said, "Breakfast is ready." Not one of the disciples dared ask, "Who are you?" They knew it was the Master. Jesus then took the bread and gave it to them. He did the same with the fish. This was now the third time Jesus had shown himself alive to the disciples since being raised from the dead.

John 21 from Euguene Peterson's translation, The Message

12 Mar 2008

Presbyterian Mission Speaker

On Friday, April 11, 2008; the Rev. Dr. Joe Reed, former missionary in South America, will be speaking at a dinner to be held in conjunction with the Annual Meeting of the WMS Synodical. The roast beef dinner will be at St. James Presbyterian Church - cost $10.00 per person. You are welcome to attend but would appreciate numbers of those coming. Please telephone Joanne Instance at 633-6480 no later than April 4, 2008.

7 Mar 2008

Daylight Savings Time - Spring Forward!

I've been caught by the clock - don't forget that clocks advance one hour this Sunday morning, March 9th.

5 Mar 2008

Eugene Peterson Interview

Eugene Peterson's fresh translation of the Bible "The Message" is getting more use in our worship and for devotional reading. Here's an interesting (roughly 30 minute) interview with the man himself.

4 Mar 2008

2008 Mission Fund Disbursements

The PCF Mission Committee (Dennis Cann, Judy Platford, Anne Domytrak, Diana Evans and Rob Murray) decides on the disbursement of the funds contributed in the collection envelopes under “Missions”. We generally choose to make timely contributions to mission projects of our parent denominations, local mission projects and identified needs as the Mission givings come in through the year. This year we hope to inform the congregation before each contribution is made. Congregation members are welcome to support these projects if they wish by directed envelope givings.

The PCF Mission Committee is proposing to make as its first disbursement in 2008 a $200 donation to the Canadian Food grains Bank in the middle of March. The Foodgrains Bank is a partnership of Canadian church-based agencies, including all our parent churches, working to end hunger in developing countries. It collects grain and cash donations, provides funds and expert advice for projects, manages the procurement and supply of food commodities and engages in public policy and education activities related to hunger and food security. In 2006/07 the Bank distributed 20,000 tonnes of food in 17 countries in response to poverty, natural disaster and conflict.

The food is used in one of three ways:
1. To provide immediate nutrition for people in emergency situations i.e. severe drought;
2. To feed people as they rebuild until a new crop is harvested i.e. after flooding;
3. To provide food as wages in food-for-work programs where people and their communities work on longer-term projects such as irrigation and improving farmland so that in future, people will be able to feed themselves.

Our donation will be matched on a 4 to 1 basis by the Canadian International Development Agency

Future donations may include disbursements to the area Food Banks, Flora House and Anishinabe Place of Hope of Winnipeg Inner City Missions, St. Matthew's - Maryland Community Ministry, Dr. Jessie Saulteaux Resource Centre, MCC’s Meat Canning Project and identified African projects. The Mission Committee welcomes your input on these and your suggestions for other projects. Funds will also be made available on request for incidental expenses related to helping or supporting local individuals.

29 Feb 2008

News on the Raza Family Sanctuary Case

On August 3, 2006, Crescent Fort Rouge United Church, made a decision to offer sanctuary to the Raza family. We did this quickly, but not lightly, believing the well- being of the six Raza children would be in jeopardy should they be deported to Pakistan. Today, February 29, 2008, we are delighted to announce that the Raza family has been granted temporary resident status, and their time of sanctuary is ended. This is the first step in a process that should see the Raza family obtain their permanent resident status.

We are deeply thankful to the family’s lawyer, Kenneth Zaifman, for his work on this case. Our lawyer worked with the Immigration Canada and Canadian Border Services Agency to work on a solution that balanced the circumstances that the Raza found themselves in and the requirements of the Immigration Act.

The family will continue to live with us while appropriate housing is found, and as we navigate a time of transition, both for the Razas and for the many volunteers who have been working with them. For 18 months, Crescent Fort Rouge United has been both home and prison to the family, and the change for the Raza family and for us in the church will be enormous. We have formed deep bonds, and we look forward to continuing to support the family as they return to our community and begin a new life among us.

It has been an amazing journey, and there are many, many people to thank, both within the walls of this church and beyond. The prayers, lobby efforts and financial support from churches across Canada are greatly appreciated. There is no longer need for political lobbying on their behalf. Your continued prayers for them as they move ahead are welcomed. So too, financial support for the congregation is welcomed as we meet legal costs, rent and other costs relating to the sanctuary and settlement process.

Donations may be sent to: Crescent Fort Rouge United Church, 525 Wardlaw Ave., Winnipeg, MB R3L 0L9


Bill and Nora have been coming to Pinawa in the summer for many years and often worship with us. Please keep Nora and her family in your prayers.

WILLIAM (BILL) RUSSELL STARK 1930 2008 It is with great sorrow that we announce the sudden and unexpected death of Bill, beloved husband, father, grandfather, brother, uncle and friend. Bill was a loving person and will be missed by all who knew him. Left to mourn his passing are his loving wife Nora; his son Russell and wife Michele; his daughter Heather and husband Greg, together with his much loved grandchildren Tyler, Spencer, Zachary (Ace), Max and Blake. He is also survived by his brother Jim and wife Jenny and many nieces, nephews and friends. He was predeceased by his parents, Jim and Agnes Stark and his sister Betty Miller. Bill was born in Glasgow, Scotland on May 24, 1930. He emigrated to Canada in 1957 and quickly put down roots in Winnipeg, finding a position in the printing business and joining Home Street United Church where he met his future wife, Nora. For many years he served as a church elder, Cub Scout leader and choir member. He also shared his passion for reading by helping others with their literacy skills. Bill was enjoying his retirement; taking trips, reading, enjoying his new found interest in cooking, and spending his summers golfing at Pinawa. The infectious smile, the twinkle in his eyes, his Scottish brogue and his genuine concern for others endeared him to all who knew him. He will live on in our hearts and memories. A memorial service will be held at 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday, February 27 at the First Presbyterian Church, 61 Picardy Place, Winnipeg. The family wishes to thank the Firefighter Paramedics and the staff of the Emergency Services of Health Sciences Centre for their compassion and support. In lieu of flowers, a donation to the Literacy for Life Fund at the Winnipeg Foundation or a charity of one's choice would be appreciated. 782 - 3541 www.kilcollinscremationservice.com

28 Feb 2008

Canadian Foodgrains Bank

Mission Disbursement to Canadian Foodgrains Bank

The Canadian Foodgrains Bank is a partnership of Canadian
church-based agencies, including our parent churches. working to end
hunger in developing countries. It collects grain and cash
donations, provides funds and expert advice for projects, manages the
procurement and supply of food commodities and engages in public
policy and education activities related to hunger and food
security. In 2006/07 the Bank distributed 20,000 tonnes of food in
17 countries in response to poverty, natural disaster and conflict.

The food is used in one of three ways:
1. To provide immediate nutrition for people in emergency situations
i.e. severe drought;
2. To feed people as they rebuild until a new crop is harvested i.e.
after flooding;
3. To provide food as wages in food-for-work programs where people
and their communities work on longer-term projects such as irrigation
and improving farmland so that in future, people will be able to feed

The PCF Mission Committee is proposing to make a donation of a
minimum of $200 to the Foodgrains Bank in the middle of March. Our
donation will be matched on a 4 to 1 basis by the Canadian
International Development Agency

7 Feb 2008

Just for Fun


Links for Brahm's Requiem

Great turnout for the Bible Study yesterday! If you would like to participate just RSVP to pcf (at) granite.mb.ca or leave a message at 753-8439.
For those who would like to follow up, here are two links for the musical score,

this one is complete but best for browsing not printing

this one is best for printing, but not the full orchestral score

lots of good stuff on wikipedia

1 Feb 2008

online calendar how-to

Did you know that many of the items on our calendar at the top of the page are clickable? Run your curser over the items in the calendar and see what happens. If you click on them a little window should open with extra information. Sometimes I add an agenda, a description, or more information about the location. The Sunday lectionary entries should pop up with a list of the Scripture readings. Give it a try!

Budget Meeting

This is a reminder that the PCF has a budget meeting this Sunday, February 3rd at the morning worship. My apologies for not getting the proposed budget in your hands ahead of time – we had some issues gathering information and getting it formatted. You can preview the proposed budget online by following this link.
Unfortunately, the statement of current accounts etc. would not format properly. Everything has been printed and will be available on Sunday for the meeting.

30 Jan 2008

"Sowing Tears, reaping Joy: The Bible and Brahm's Requiem"

During Lent there will be seven sessions of Bible Study on Wednesday afternoons at 1 p.m. The same session will be offered on Wednesday evenings at 7 p.m. for those who prefer that time. The Theme of the study is "Sowing Tears, Reaping Joy: The Bible and Brahm's Requiem" This study follows the famous "German Requiem" on a tour of Biblical prompts about death, grief, the brevity of life, and faith for here and hereafter. Through music and Scripture, we move from graveside to grieving, from the challenges of self-reflection to new perspectives and hope beyond. RSVP to the PCF office if you plan to participate so Rob can arrange enough materials. We will meet first at the church office in the Whiteshell Centre but may move if we need a larger venue. First Session is on Ash Wednesday, February 6 and the final Session is on March 19th.
Check out the Wikipedia post on Brahm's Requiem (with sound files).

More Music at PCF!

You may have heard of Bruce and Cheryl Harding before, through their worship music and recordings or through their leadership in churches and gatherings across the country, including the last two General Council gatherings for The United Church of Canada plus worship services and evenings with congregations of many denominations. You may have read one of Bruce's articles on music and worship in various publications, or you know of his work as Managing Editor for More Voices, the forthcoming supplement to the United Church hymnbook, Voices United. Well, now you can meet Bruce and Cheryl in person: They are leading an "Evening of Singing" at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, April 24, in Pinawa Manitoba at the F.W. Gilbert School. We will be accepting donations at the door to support Bruce and Cheryl's ministry and their cds and songbooks will be offered for sale. Here's a great opportunity to lift up our voices, united in praise! For more information on Bruce and Cheryl Harding check out their website www.evensong.ca

29 Jan 2008

June Fiddle Concert

We have a neat idea for a fund raiser and need some helping hands! Scott Woods has captured all the major Canadian fiddling titles, including Canadian Open Fiddle Champion, Canadian Grand Masters Fiddling Champion, and Canadian Fiddle Entertainer of the year. For seven years he was the musical director and played the part of Don Messer in Memories of Don Messer’s Jubilee, a tribute show which has toured across the country. He's coming to the Pinawa Community Centre on the evening of Saturday June 14th. We need help with publicity and selling tickets, crew for the day, all the usual stuff for an event like this. Call the church office if you can help.

11 Jan 2008

Mennonite Church Manitoba - 2007 Report to Congregations

The Mennonite Church Manitoba 2007 Report to Congregations is available online here. Here's an excerpt,

"The theme for Mennonite Church Manitoba in 2007 was “Living on the Edge” and is reflected in Luke 4: 18 & 19 “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to bring good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim release to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to let the oppressed go free, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favour.”

This year’s theme is the conclusion of the three year theme “Rooted in the Centre – Living on the Edge”. The development of the “Living on the Edge” theme has called us to reflect on four important issues: the various stages of faith development, being the Church in our cultural context, dealing with conflict and change, and the development of leadership in the Church. These four issues will be the focus of our reflection and discernment for the next four year"

The PCF has "associate membership" in the Mennonite Church Manitoba. If any of our Mennonite members would like to explore that aspect of our identity I would love to talk about it.


PCF General Committee met on Wednesday, January 9, 2008 at Mel and Sim Gascoyne's. The draft minutes are available here.
The whole General Committee has decided to meet about every two months with the Executive (Convener, Vice and Past Conveners, Secretary, Treasurer and Minister) meeting in between. We're hoping this will streamline our administration and free folks up for the more direct ministry that our sub-committees provide. If you are curious about how the congregation organizes our business you could check out our mission statement and our governing by-laws online or just chat with Rob or a member of the General Committee.

9 Jan 2008


Presbyterian is an anagram for Britney Spears.

8 Jan 2008

"The People Next Door"

An interfaith education event jointly sponsored by Manitoba Interfaith Council and the Faculty of Theology at the U of W. It is titled "The People Next Door". We will be visiting the worship centres of 5 faith traditions. At each centre we will experience worship and receive a presentation on the faith by a member of that tradition. The dates are:

Th. Jan 17 6.30pm Buddhism at 39 Tecumseh (Tecumseh and Winnipeg)
Th. Jan 31 6.30pm Hinduism at 999 St. Anne's Road
Sun Feb 17 6.00pm Judaism at Shaarey Zedek Synagogue, 561 Wellington
Th. Feb 28 6.30 pm Sikh at 1244 Mulholland Road
Th. Mar 13 6.30 pm Islam at Grand Mosque, 2445 Waverly

The course will be concluded on Th Mar. 27, 6.30 pm. with a panel discussion at the U of W

There is a course fee of $25, paid on the first or subsequent evenings.

For more info contact Tom and Julie Collings - tomjulie@mts.net